Thursday, June 30, 2011

PLACES: High Line

After a nice weekend brunch with friends we decided to explore the High Line, an old railroad track turned into a lovely park. The track is completely transformed with fresh greenery, interactive artwork, benches and lounge chairs, and running water to dip your feet into. The water fountains spout some of the best tasting water ever according to our friend. 

Claire and I cooled our feet off in the water and Bryan (pictured below) enjoyed running through the water, and splashing it all over my dress!!

The benches on the High Line are perfect for reading a book, having lunch, or wooing a lovely date.  

I feel like I'm constantly walking around models in the city. We spotted a photo shoot on the High Line. The model was fabulously tall and her dress was breathtaking. 

There are even some food vendors dispersed on the High Line, so obviously I was happy. Bryan and I tried People's Pops. I tried a shaved ice because they shaved the ice right in front of me on a giant ice cube and I couldn't resist. Bryan got a popsicle. It was a tasty, refreshing treat!

Forget Bryan's popsicle flavor...I believe it was cherry berry of some sort.

My pear flavored shaved ice!

Stunning views, tasty treats, and great friends - it was a good day!