Saturday, June 4, 2011

FOOD: Memorial Day brunch in the city

If you follow me and/or Miraya on Twitter, you've probably seen our annoying yet intriguing foursquare check-ins at a cray amount of places this past week.  The meal that kicked off our eating-out rampage was an impromptu Memorial Day brunch at Jane in Greenwich Village.  After going to the NYU Card Center that morning, Miraya, Brandon and I were roaming the area for a place to eat.  That is when our handy Yelp iPhone apps (product placement!) told me this was nearby.  I remember a friend recommended this place to me, so we popped in for our first meal in the city.

It looked like we made a good choice, because the place was packed with many New Yorkers that looked like they knew what's up.  I think this place is known for its Vanilla Bean French Toast (brioche bread, creme brulee batter, Vermont maple syrup), but our sweet tooths (yes, tooth-s, not teeth) weren't up for it that day.  Brandon ordered the Jane Burger with Rosemary fries, I ordered the Benedict Johnny (chicken sausage, cornbread, roasted tomato hollandaise), and Miraya ordered the less sexy but still yummy looking Mediterranean Salad.

The bite I had of Brandon's burger was delicious, and I cleared my plate. It was a teeny bit sweet for my savory-seeking taste that day with cornbread, chicken apple sausage, and a sweet tasting sauce on top, but it was still really good!  Next time I will definitely order the french toast... because I am still craving it right now after typing the ingredients up above.

Lotta more food porn to come! I think my food photography has improved.... took some eye-bulging pics of french macarons at the market today. yee!