Saturday, June 4, 2011

FOOD: Upper East Side Lunch

Strolling along 5th Avenue past the beautiful shops and drooling at the gorgeous clothes works up an appetite. Claire and I Yelped nearby cafés and found the darling Via Quadronno on East 73rd St. between Madison and 5th Ave. The bright green door opens to a true Italian café, complete with a gelato counter in the front.

We were seated in the back next to a fabulous Italian couple enjoying multiple courses of delectable food. The café has a European vibe and is filled with a very Upper East Side crowd. The prices on the menu were fairly reasonable considering the location and customers who frequent there.

I started with a cappuccino because Via Quadronno is famous for their unforgettable cappuccinos. Claire ordered a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. To eat I decided on a Soppressata Veneta, which is an Italian salami Panini. A Panini with only one ingredient sounded quite plain, but Yelp reviews ensured me that it would be delicious. Claire ordered Pate al Porto, port fois gras pate on an open-faced sandwich. The dishes were rather small for their price, but that should be expected for the Upper East Side. We felt quite fabulous sipping our drinks and nibbling on our Paninis.