Monday, June 6, 2011

PLACES: Such a greeeen day in Brooklyn!

On Friday, Miraya, Aislinn, and I spent the day in Brooklyn with Miraya's friend Vanessa.  We had lunch at the tres tres cute "Venetian inspired" al di la trattoria, browsed cute vintage shops along Fifth Avenue (the one in Brooklyn, not NY), got a dose of caffeine at the hip "Brooklyn-roasted" Gorilla Coffee (I had a Maple Latte... cool-sounding but it was just a latte with some maple syrup at the bottom), and then roamed to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! Who knew we could be around so much photosynthesis on our first Saturday living in the concrete jungle?

There was a beautiful rose garden that I wish I had more pictures of, but unfortunately the sun was aggressively bright and I have not developed my photographing skills enough to pacify (?) the lighting. Walking through the rows and rows of roses definitely made me feel Kate Middleton-esque for a few moments though!

And look! Miraya and I were dressed for the occasion, even though the botanic garden was a spontaneous event. Oh life, how coincidental you can be.

Looking back, it was all a blur of wondrous botany... Unfortunately I didn't get good snapshots of cool things like the fascinating bonsai garden or the pretty individual roses in the garden referenced above... but I did capture some good pics so I shall now show and tell.

So amazing how the flowers are perfectly level!

I am happy I get to see this dragonfly better in this photo than in real life

For some reason this picture makes me think of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost... 8th grade English yessss

Same about the picture > visual life for this turtle guy.

Feeling very calm and very asian...

Such a cute garden theme!

I am no botanic garden critic, but I feel like they could've made this less expensive-backyard-pool-looking and more intriguing somehow. pretty though!

We were reminded of the humidity in store for us this summer in this tropical rainforest room...

? beats us.

yee! Felt so good to enjoy life on this day :)