Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PLACES: If Heaven Were A Park....

Sheep's Meadow in Central Park is by far my favorite place in New York so far.  It is better than the futuristic gourmet cafeteria I went to for lunch with Aislinn today, dishes; better than all the museums; better than Strand Book Store; even better than the Barneys shoe salon. And that is saying A LOT, people. It is a giant meadow--at least 4 times the size of Memorial Glade--where you can be surrounded by people and still feel as peaceful as ever.  My favorite part is the cityscape behind the trees.

All the picnic necessities: baguette, crackers, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & raspberries. 

Aislinn looking so picturesque!

This day was even more enjoyable because it was Father's Day--we called our dads, family-watched, read our books, and ate those carbs + cheese like it was all we needed to live.

I proclaim this... my New York haven!