Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FOOD: What's an arepa?

I recently discovered arepas, which are Venezuelan corn-flour rounds. Caracas Arepa Bar serves up many types of arepas as pitalike pockets with various different goods inside. On 7th St. right below St. Mark's Place is the cozy Arepa Bar next door to a takeout restaurant. Claire and I patiently waited for a table and wedged our way into the crowded restaurant for a tasty arepa.

I ordered an A10 (guayanes cheese, fried sweet plantains, avocado slices). The crispy smooth inside was a delicious combo with the crunch of the fried arepas. Claire got an A8 (shredded beef, black beans, salty cheese, sweet plantains). She salivated over the sweet and savory explosion of flavors. The arepas were pretty small, and I almost wanted to order another one. But I resisted the urge and just savored the delicious bites I had remaining. We topped off our arepas with a sugar cane and lime soda and fresh pineapple juice.