Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FOOD: Gourmet food is on the move!

Today I devoured a cone of vanilla ice cream smothered in dulce de leche sauce, drizzled with sea salt, and dipped in chocolate while standing on the corner of Broadway and 17th St. Tomorrow I might savor a Belgian waffle or a juicy burger on another street intersection or while perched on steps at a local park. Food trucks are revolutionizing the way we eat by making gourmet food accessible at reasonable prices and multiple locations.

I consider myself a foodie, a lover of food. A simple demonstration of my food obsession is the fact that while eating lunch I’m often planning my day around where I should enjoy dinner. Now in New York I can follow food trucks and stalk the whereabouts of saliva-inducing food on my Twitter. Instead of hopping on the subway or walking ten blocks, delicious food comes right to my neighborhood.

Today Claire and I embarked on our New York food truck journey at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I bought a Groupon so we both got to enjoy a “Salty Pimp” sundae for the price of one. The crunch of the outer chocolate layer combined with the salty and sweet interior was a beautiful sensation amidst a hot summer day in the city.

Food trucks offering the basic hotdogs and salted pretzels now have competition as sprinkle cupcakes and lamb tacos take over the streets. I’m already following over twenty eclectic food trucks on Twitter and am sure to discover more gems soon. As these divine food trucks circle NYC I’ll be right behind, fork in hand.


Berke-Lee.. Berkeley... get it?

Well, we thought it was clever.  Hooray for our first post! Upon our cross-country trek (aka flight) from California to New York, we wanted to start a blog to document our experiences and inspirations throughout our summer in the big city.  We love fashion, food, museums, concerts... anything you can probably imagine so expect lots of all that here!

Now... who exactly are we?

Miraya Berke, currently a senior at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, is interning this summer at an entertainment PR firm. She hopes for a future career in event planning, marketing, or PR. The websites she frequents most are Groupon, Gilt, Daily Candy, and PS I Made This. Her favorite clothes are vintage and she will always have room for dessert. 

Claire Lee, also a senior at Haas, is a retail planning intern this summer at a luxury retailer.  Aside from her love for fashion, she also has a passion for dance.  Last year, she co-founded a contemporary dance group at Cal, THRIVE Dance Company. Basically, nothing makes her happier than living a life full of creative expression with a hint of efficiency.

So, that's us! Who are you? We'd love to hear from you!

Whether you'd like to see what we're up to, to live vicariously through us, or just to do something when you're bored... we hope you enjoy our blog!

XO Miraya & Claire