Sunday, June 12, 2011

PLACES: Random street fair + Little Italy

En route to lunch in Little Italy, we wandered into a bustling street fair.... so many colors! and people! and things! and of course... FOOD.

This is our lovely friend Dori (part of the group of Berkeley London-ers from last summer).. looking not too pleased with her fried oreo... even though it was her idea! It was actually pretty good... unexpectedly soft. Let's not try to estimate the calories of that little snack.

And so, the colorful street fair seamlessly flowed into the equally vibrant Little Italy. Blogging is fun because I get to use flowery language to my heart's content.

How many green/white/red things can you see in this picture?

Carbs, carbs....

and more carbs! We so happy.

Sadly, I forgot what restaurant we plopped down to eat at... because we passed at least 50 Italian restaurants that looked exactly the same. Very yummy nonetheless! Love the sidewalk seating.