Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOOD: 4th Street Oasis

In the busy city of New York every girl needs a little break from the noisy streets and hectic lifestyle. Some find their oasis strolling through Central Park or at the gym while others get a mani-pani at a local salon or pop into their favorite shop. When Claire and I strolled down 4th St. I caught a glance of the retro oasis B Bar and Grill. Behind the blue wooden doors is a magical garden with happy customers enjoying tasty food.

Claire and I entered through the front door at 40 East 4th St. and were given the option to sit indoors or outdoors. Although I rarely decline the chance to sit in retro diner booths, the string lights and green trees outdoors looked too perfect to pass up. As we walked out to the garden I felt as though we entered another era, when girls wore poodle skirts and frequented American diners. We were seated in a corner that was filled with colorful flowers and lush trees. As I sipped my iced coffee I completely forgot I was in the middle of a chaotic street in New York City. Once my BLT with avocado arrived I realized I had just discovered my NYC oasis. The crunch of fresh bacon with smooth avocado mixed with the crisp of homemade waffle chips beats a stroll in Central Park any day. Claire munched on a Bowery beef burger topped with pepper jack and mushrooms with a side of french fries. Each of our lunch items was reasonably priced at $10, which we found a great deal for a nice lunch in the city and includes the ambiance of the outdoor garden.

For a casual lunch, dinner date, or a night out for drinks, B Bar and Grill will not disappoint. They even host private events in their outdoor garden, which is a magical place for a business holiday party or launch event. So head down to 4th St. to enter the oasis known as B Bar and Grill.