Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FOOD: Baked Goods on Wheels

It's been a long day of work and I need a little treat, so I check my Twitter for any food trucks near by. Perfect, Treats Truck is parked just a few blocks away! So I scurry over to get a yummy snack.

I'm totally torn between the lemon bar and a rice crispy treat, but when I see the rice crispy treat with pretzels and peanut m&ms I'm sold. It was simple and comforting, just like a homemade goody. I'm not sure it was worth the $3, but it did really hit the spot, especially since I won't be able to make rice crispy treats in my apartment this summer.

Treats Truck has little samples at the counter, which are quite delectable. They also have a punch card that gives you a free treat after you buy 10. Not sure I'll make it to the truck 10 times this summer, but mmmm just looking at the pictures make me want another!