Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PLACES: Oh Jin Soon... you were so much more than just a pedicure

When I read Refinery29's article on New York's best beauty spots, I knew I had to try at least one! So, when I was feeling particularly pooped 2 weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a pedicure at Jin Soon. I love/rely on R29 (and Yelp) for this reason... I could barely find the place because the door was so hidden on the street! How did anyone find this place before?? I have a serious hypothesis that the best spots in NYC are the hardest to find. Literally. (Side Note: Every great restaurant we've either passed or gone to has no name or sign on the building or in the front. sketch... but effectively cool.)

When I finally found Jin Soon and opened the narrow door, my breath was taken away. Def heard the angels singing as I told them I was here for my appointment.  Isn't the display so artful and charmingly asian?  YSL, Chanel, NARS, Zoya, OPI... this place had the best collection I've ever seen! I particularly love the floor-lighting and stones.  Aside from museums, this was the most calming indoor experience I've had all summer.

This is strange to say, but NYC has helped me appreciate what peace feels like more than ever.  The picture above speaks to that... seeing the urban jungle right outside this sanctuary only pushed me into a deeper calm. Whoa got a little flowery there.... is it a disgrace to say I miss high school English? *shrug*

Sigh... that was much, much more than your average pedi. f'sho.