Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THEATER: Billy Elliot

Since last summer in New York I've been desperately wanting to see Billy Elliot. So when my cousin and aunt and uncle were visiting NY for the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity. It was kind of a spur of the moment idea to see a play. After we finished up lunch at Junior's Cheesecake at 1pm, we realized since plays were going to start in an hour and we were already in the heart of the theater district, it was worth a shot. So we popped into a few box offices and finally all agreed on Billy Elliot.

Thirty minutes later we squeezed into our seats in the 8th row and I soaked up the Broadway lights and plushy red seats. The audience was greeted by a woman explaining that this performance was the premiere for the boy playing Billy. There are about 5 different boys who act as Billy, but Giuseppe Bausilio was discovered in Switzerland and made and sold his own lip balm to earn enough money to come to the states for an audition. I was already in love with this boy.

The play was such a feel good show. I was grinning during the big numbers and in awe of the advances choreography that the small children were all doing and wished I was that talented as a ten year old. "Expressing Yourself" was definitely my favorite song and so awesome it's on Youtube (just with a different cast)! Michael is just so hilarious! The music, by Elton John, was ten times better than Bono's music in Spiderman. Overall, great show and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys dancing and laughing.

Next on my Broadway to do list - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.