Sunday, July 31, 2011

PLACES: Loreley Biergarten in Brooklyn

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than at a biergarten in Brooklyn! After exploring the Brooklyn flea market we all met up at Loreley Biergarten to have a last adventure before the beginning of our work week. 

We had to try the pretzels and the currywurst mit pomme frites (bratwurst with curry/tomato sauce and fries), the German biergarten staples. Aislinn, the vegetarian of the group, also ordered a cheese and bread plate to enjoy while Claire and I munched on the bratwurst. 

When it came to ordering beer, as much as we wanted to sound like we were experienced beer drinkers, we couldn't quite fool the waitress. Aislinn, who spent last summer in Germany, recommended we order a Radler, which is a mixture of beer with a Sprite like soda. It was really hot out and a Radler sounded like it would hit the spot so the waitress suggested we get a Radeberger Pilsner beer in the radler and Claire and I were sold. Aislinn opted for a Hofbräu Summer, a refreshing summer beer. 


Thanks for the great pictures Claire! I'm obviously meant to be one of those biergarten girls - I just need one of the cute dresses and I'll be set. Next on our agenda, the Standard Hotel biergarten.