Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOOD: Brindle Room

Our friend John had heard about The Brindle Room in East Village and we went there for dinner together the other day. Claire and I both ordered Moules Frites, which are mussels and fries, and they were divine. The prices weren't too expensive, but not particularly cheap either. But for $14 I got a giant bowl of mussels and a tasty pot of perfect fries. I was quite happy. Claire and John also got the special as an appetizer, fried clams with guacamole on top. John got the seared salmon and Aislinn ordered a kale salad. I treated myself to a refreshing glass of fresh sangria and John sipped a glass of white wine.

The Brindle Room is a great place to come with a few friends because it's a very intimate setting. The noise level was pretty loud, but we could all hear each other alright. Looking online now I see they are famous for their donuts, so I might have to stop back there for brunch to try a homemade donut.