Thursday, August 18, 2011

FOOD: Tea at the Plaza

Every girl's dream - obviously to be Eloise and to spend her days skipping through the Plaza Hotel with her pet turtle. While I don't see this fantasy of mine becoming a reality anytime soon, I realized tea at The Plaza was a tangible alternative. Claire and I entered The Palm Court, feeling as through we were transported to London. Unlike tea time in London, The Plaza offers four different tea time options (New Yorker tea, classic tea, chocolate tea, and Eloise tea). Claire decided on the New Yorker, which included such items as a pastrami sandwich, black and white cookie, canoli, and other typical NY goodies. I opted for the classic tea for the macaroon, cucumber sandwich, and other such tea time novelties. Of course tea at The Palm Court isn't for those trying to save money, but for our last day in the city it was the perfect splurge.

We felt quite glamorous seated in The Palm Court, sipping our tea with a dash of milk. Positioned at the table closest to the Eloise portrait, we were able to view gaggles of teeny boppers pose with Eloise for their taste of a dream. Downstairs among The Plaza shops is an Eloise store which is the epitome of every girl's dream - dress up room, tea area, beanbags and a tv, and loads of pink tutus. Even if I'm too old to partake in such festivities, tea at The Plaza is fine by me!