Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FOOD: Bagels

The best bagel is a heated topic among New Yorkers and after careful research I narrowed down that Ess-A-Bagel and H&H Bagel were the top contenders. So obviously I took it upon myself to decide which deserves the title of best NY bagel.

Ess-A-Bagel: When I walked in I was surrounded by cute old Jewish couples and instantly knew I was where I belonged. I ordered an everything bagel toasted with olive cream cheese and an iced coffee. The bagel was giant, I mean we're talking about the fluffiest, biggest bagel I've ever laid eyes on. One of the employees asked if I needed a bag to take half to go, but after I took my first bite I knew no bag would be necessary. The spices and salt coating the bagel erupted in flavor and heavenly mixed with the creamy olive spread. It was a fantastic bagel and I devoured the monstrosity quite quickly. Despite Yelp reviews which warned against the coffee, I didn't mind the iced coffee. Definitely wasn't one of the best cups of java I've ever had, but not too bad either. I left feeling very satisfied by the true NY bagel. It really is something about the New York water that gives bagels in the city their unique fluffy texture.

H&H Bagel: Located in the Upper East Side in the heart of thrift shop heaven, H&H Bagel will now always hold a special spot in my heart. The staff was unbelievably friendly. I was persuaded to order a lox sandwich with tomato and an iced coffee. My meal ended up being over $10 which was a shock, but it was quite a significant amount of lox between the bagel. The everything bagel was warm, fresh out of the oven, instantly raising the bar above Ess-A-Bagel. The bagel itself wasn't as overwhelmingly large as the Ess-A-Bagel, but size isn't everything. The warmth of the H&H bagel made me fall in love. Unlike Ess-A-Bagel, the H&H employees told me which bagels were freshest to ensure I had the best experience. The lox was flavorful and filling and the iced coffee was phenomenal. Overall, H&H wins in my book. I even made a second stop there to get a dozen bagels to bring back to California with me!

All bagels are not alike, and when it comes to New York, H&H Bagels takes the cake...or should I say bagel.