Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FOOD: The Halal Guys

I tried quite a few food trucks this summer, but The Halal Guys was one of the only I made a second trip to. Located conveniently at 53rd and 6th, The Halal Guys makes for quite a satisfying lunch - and dinner too if you have the will-power.

Unlike the other halal trucks positioned on almost every corner of the city, The Halal Guys boast "we are different" and I must agree. Even the smell of the random halal trucks sickens me and the meat looks dirty, but walking past The Halal Guys I'm instantly tempted. Their menu includes plates of lamb, chicken, or combo (lamb and chicken) poured over seasoned rice, lettuce, pita, and doused in creamy white sauce and spicy red sauce. The portions are overwhelmingly good for the $6 cost. The first time I had the goal to save half for dinner but enjoyed it too much to stop, stuffing my face with the addictive spicy sauce until I felt I might explode and only a few bites were remaining. The second time around I forced myself to be more disciplined, splitting the bowl in half and stretching my $6 to last a lunch and dinner, needless to say I was quite proud. The Halal Guys is perfect for an empty stomach at lunch or eating on a budget. Your bowl is stuffed with quality meat, definitely getting your bang for your buck.